No Access To AWS Billing Console as IAM Users: Solution

I started playing with AWS around 8 months ago, and recently I found that I lost acess to my billing console as an IAM user.

After checking my access on this IAM account, Yes, I do have attached billing acess to it.


This is a quick guide to help you/myself to install Docker on Windows.

Download & Install Docker Desktop

You can find the resource from docker hub:

If you are watching some Docker tutorials from early 2020 or earlier, you might be trying to find “Docker Toolbox” instead if you are on a Windows Home machine. You don’t need to do that anymore since Docker Toolbox has been officially deprecated, and now you can use Docker Desktop without having a Windows Pro machine.

You can easily find you Windows edition in settings

Check the Installation

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I recently wrote a PHP + Vue.js application as part of the coding assessment from a company, as a simple CRUD app it’s honestly not that hard, but when it comes to deploying it on AWS EC2, it did take some time for me to figure it out, and that’s the reason I’m writing this blog to help anyone might looking for a tutorial about deploying a PHP application to EC2 with MySQL database.

The App and Database


While I was deploying my new portfolio website on AWS this weekend, I find it quite troublesome for people without too much AWS experience, like me. As I was also preparing to get an AWS developer certification, I figure, Why not document everything down as part of my preparation for the test.

So here comes this tutorial on how you can deployed your Node.js project (or any other frameworks as long as you deployed it using Elastic Beanstalk). This tutorial will cover everything you need to know about getting your web app online with your custom domain and SSL certification.


Same as bubble sort and selection sort, insertion sort is usually treated as one of the basic sorting algorithms, and similarly, it also utilized nest-loop, which means it has the same time complexity as bubble sort and selection sort.

Insertion Sort: How it Works?

Insertion sort starts from the left side of the array as it insert each element start from index 2 to the left side, which is a sorted portion of the array. Since it always keeps an the left part of the array sorted, It has a better performance than other sorting algorithms when dealing with situation that data keep coming continuously.

Implement Insertion Sort in Python


We’ve discussed Bubble Sort in the previous post, now let’s go to another basic sorting algorithm: Selection Sort.

Similar to bubble sort, selection sort rearranged each element but instead of let larger element merge to the top (end of the array), it stacks smaller element to the bottom (head of the array)

Implementation of Selection Sort in Python


Sorting is one of the most basic algorithm types and it appears quite often in interview. Among them, bubble sort is probably the most fundamental one. The naive bubble sort is usually not that efficient, however, it’s important to understand how it works and how it can be optimized.

Naive Bubble Sort

Native bubble sort used a nested loop to iterate through the target array, and swap each pair of adjacent elements if arr[i] < arr[i + 1], so that the largest element always merge to the top(last of the array).

Implement Naive Bubble Sort in Python


GitHub is the one of the most popular version control and hosting service providers in the world, to understand Github, you have to understand Git first.

One common reason that people use Git is for the purpose of version control, which is quite self-explanatory: to manage the version of your codes.

GitHub fulfilled this purpose one step further as it’s hosted in cloud instead of storing everything in your local environment.

Now let’s see how we can create our first GitHub repository and have some fun with it:

Create A New GitHub Repository From Your Local Repository

1. Start a new directory or cd into your existing source folder

2. Initiate you local git repository and add files with changes that you want to commit


Two days ago, I wrote a portfolio website for my roomate’s border collie, after that I figure why not go get a custom domain? So here comes this step-by-step tutorial of adding your custom domain to your web application deployed on Heorku.

Register a new domain

There are couple of domain providers outta there, and most of them also offers hosting or even website builder service, but we will go with freenom for now.

After you have registered your freenom account, go to the service section and select “Register a New Domain”.


大多数人对松本大洋的印象可能始于《乒乓》中的孔文革,毕竟对于中国weaboo们来说,能在动画中见到强势的中国角色就像我们初次见到Martin Jacques在TED上吹捧中国政治制度那样令人热血沸腾。




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