Install Docker For Windows


This is a quick guide to help you/myself to install Docker on Windows.

Download & Install Docker Desktop

You can find the resource from docker hub:

If you are watching some Docker tutorials from early 2020 or earlier, you might be trying to find “Docker Toolbox” instead if you are on a Windows Home machine. You don’t need to do that anymore since Docker Toolbox has been officially deprecated, and now you can use Docker Desktop without having a Windows Pro machine.

You can easily find you Windows edition in settings

Check the Installation

After restarting your PC, use Windows Power Shell to check if docker is seccussfully installed:

Enable Virtualization in BIOS

If its the first you are running virtualization on this machine, its very likely that docker will ask you to enable it before starting.

What you need to do is go to BIOS and enable the virtualization, that simple. For me, I’m running a MSI click BIOS, which looks like this:

After enabling the SVM Mode and reboot my PC, I’m able to move to the next step.

WSL 2 Installation is Incomplete

If you meet such error, simply go to the prompted link and download the updated package and restart your PC.


Now you shall see the little whale up and running : )



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